About Zeeland

Zeeland is a good place for doing business. Many companies have found their way to this region on account of its favourable economic climate, relatively low costs for companies, good connections with the hinterland via non-congested roads, water and railway, the no-nonsense attitude of the workforce and the favourable living-and-working conditions. 

10 reasons why you should invest in Zeeland:



1. Central location in Europe

Zeeland is strategically located in North-Western Europe, between the international seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. From Zeeland you can easly reach a consumer market of over 500 million people with a purchasing power among the highest in the world.  





Antwerp 35 22
Breda 50 31
Rotterdam 50 31
Brussels 65 40
Amsterdam 120 75
London 250 155
Paris 320 200
Frankfurt 450 280

2. Logistics

The Netherlands has got the best logistics performance in Europe and Zeeland surely contributes to that result. With the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen, Zeeland has got the third main port of the Netherlands. Zeeland has got excellent multimodal hinterland connections via non-congested roads, rail, inland waterways and has got a direct deep-sea connection from the port of Vlissingen. And with the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp on our doorstep, Zeeland is truly your gateway to Europe.

High-quality connections for inland navigation and carriage of goods by railway and waterway to Germany, Belgium and Northern France.


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3. Attractive & competitive fiscal climate

The Netherlands has a competitive fiscal climate in comparison to other EU countries, with a strong focus on stimulating entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment. While corporate tax rates are in line with those of its European neighbors, various rulings make it very attractive for foreign companies to set up their business in Zeeland. 

4. Strong economy

Zeeland is the strongest economy of the Netherlands. Over the past years, the growth of Zeeland´s gross regional product topped that of other parts of the Netherlands by more than ten percent.

Export is important for the economy of Zeeland. Export accounts for over one third of each euro earned in this province. This is more than the proportion earned in the other Dutch provinces.

5. Third Main Port of the Netherlands

The ports of Zeeland Seaports in Vlissingen and Terneuzen are the 3rd main port in the Netherlands. with the highest addes value (approx. 1/3 of the Rotterdam port, 3/4 of the Amsterdam port).

The ports harbour one of Europe´s main fruit terminals and are the largest port in Europe concerning offshore windindustry.


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6. Largely industrially skilled workfoce with often praised work ethic

Zeeland is known and often praised for the work ethic of its, largely industrially skilled inhabitants. Most of them are multilingual, more than 85% of the Dutch speak English. Moreover, the labour regulations ans relations in the Netherlands are flexible. 

But is's not only the inhabitants that make a great employee. Many people of all different nationalities move to Zeeland for work. In fact, the percentage of expats in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is about the same as in the urban sprawl between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Admittedly, there is a rather large population difference between the two Dutch regions, but is goes to show that there are good reasons to make a carreer as an expat in Zeeland. 

7. Quality of life

The quality of life is an important aspect for you and you employees when moving abroad. 

It's not just the lack of traffic jams, affordable housing, the best schools in the country (HZ University of Applied Schiences and University College Roosevelt, among others) and splendid nature - Statistics Netherlands has also declared Zeeland the happiest province in the country. Perhaps this makes the Zeeland people such great employees.


8. Transparant, reliable and business friendly authorities

The Netherlands has one of the EU's most politically stable and pro-business governments. The Dutch economy is internationally oriented and the Netherlands is recognized worldwide for its transparency, fairness and effectiveness. 

Because Zeeland is a relatively small region, the lines of communication are even shorter, making it easier to get in touch and do business. 

9. Business locations 

The ports and industrial estates in Zeeland offer ample room for new development in greenfield as well as brownfield possibilities. There is a wide variety of plots available, most of them high-qualitiy and easly accessible. 

The costs involved in setting up a business in Zeeland are two to three times lower than those in the neighbouring regions of Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

10. International chemical-logistic cluster

An international chemical-logistic cluster is established there, with important players in the processing industry, such as Dow Benelux, Yara and Arkema.

Companies, authorities and knowledge institutes join forces to make strong sectors even stronger and more sustainable. For instance in Smart Delta Resources, the Biobased Delta, the Biopark Terneuzen and the Maintenance Valuepark.