Labour market

Employees from Zeeland are hard workers: over the last few years the increase in Zeeland´s gross regional product exceeded the gross regional product in the rest of the Netherlands by over ten percent. In addition, as a result of its diverse economy Zeeland´s unemployment rate is relatively the lowest in the entire Netherlands; the province has many strong sectors. No whining but working; that is our motto. 

The Labour Market in Figures:


  • Workforce: 172,000
  • Incoming  commuters from neighbouring regions: 13,000
  • Outgoing commuters to neighbouring regions: 29,000
  • 26% of the population is highly qualified
  • Largest sectors based on the number of jobs:

                    1. care/welfare (15.9%)

                    2. industry (13.6%)

                    3. retail (11.1%)

                    4. business services (9.3%)


  • Education:

                    1. Senior secondary vocational education via Scalda: roughly 10,000 students

                    2. Higher professional education via HZ University of Applied Sciences: roughly 5,000 students

                    3. University education via University College Roosevelt: roughly 600 students



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