Dutch infrastructure gets extra boost in Zeeland

A proper infrastructure greatly effects the economy. This is especially the case in important transit regions, such as Zeeland. Substantial investments in the infrastructure, both on land and on water, have very positive effects on the infrastructure of the most southwestern province of the Netherlands.  

Smooth movement of goods, people and services

The new A4 highway that runs along the Welgelegen business estate on Tholen, connects Antwerp and Rotterdam and boosts the Zeeland area. 

Further, the N61 motorway that runs from east to west Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is doubled in with. In 2018 the N62 that connects Terneuzen and Zelzate (Belgium) will be doubled as well.

As least as important is the newly opened Sluiskiltunnel, that greatly helped to improve the Ghent-Terneuzen road traffic.

Part of one of the largest inland waterway navigation projects in the world 

Out of all of the infrastructural works in the Netherlands, the ones in Zeeland are among the most impactfull. Historically, with the Eastern Scheldt storm-surge barrier, but in recent times as well with the newly constructed sea lock in Terneuzen for example.
As of 2022 large inland vessels can reach Ghent and even Paris because of this Seine-Scheldt connection, the largest inland waterway navigation project in the world. The maximum load in between the ports of Paris, Antwerp, Zeeland and Rotterdam will be increased from 600 to 4400 tonnes. This will save a lot of costs and time, and will make the northwestern inland navigation a viable alternative for road transport. Right in the centre of this are the ports of Zeeland Seaports in Vlissingen and Terneuzen.