Working in Zeeland

People who live in Zeeland are familiar with people from outside Zeeland who keep asking where you are holidaying every time you post a picture after work. Are they on holiday again? Is the business doing that well? How far is Brittany by car? Well, ‘Brittany’ is all around you here. The sea is never far away. In Zeeland, you can always get to open water, to the sea, in just ten to fifteen minutes.


There are enough jobs for those who chose to live and work in Zeeland. There is work for highly educated young people but for practically skilled workers as well. 

It is all about targeted supply and demand. Large international companies like DOW and Yara can give you excellent jobs, but there may be even more top jobs at innovative family businesses like Appelaere and JWK Onions.


Zeeland has a high educational level. The HZ University of Applied Sciences has been one of the nation’s best for many years. The same also applies for the individual training programmes. Or the Roosevelt University College, a Liberal Arts and Sciences College where you can take extremely wide-ranging minors among a very international group of people.

Collaboration with businesses

There is close cooperation with the commercial sector on all fronts, involving innovative knowledge hubs, the authorities and organisations. 

The Zeeland scale ensures that training courses are not simply completed and ticked off, but above all that you learn to coexist with other generations, cultures and ways of thinking.


Things are not just put on a plate for you in Zeeland. Thins don't just happen. But when you have worked out your plan and know what you want, when you are looking for room for development, when you really want to work hard and want to be a pioneer, Zeeland is the ideal home port for you. Especially with a reliable partner like Invest in Zeeland, who can support you with every step to establish your business in this thriving region and help you get to know the Zeeland way of life.