Dutch government: committed partner of businesses

The Dutch government has proven to be a solid partner of businesses; easily accessible for both SME's as larger corporations. The Zeeland government is no exception. On the contrary, because of its relative small scale there are short lines of communication. The local governement is known to be transparant and actively anticipating companies’ needs regarding company accommodation, necessary licences etc. 

Competitive fiscal climate

With a competitive statutory corporate income tax rate in Europe—25% (20% on the first €200,000)—the Dutch fiscal climate has a number of attractive features for international companies.

Attractive business environment in Zeeland

To strengthen the business climate in Zeeland even more, the regional development agency NV Economische  Impuls Zeeland (Impuls) was set up in 2007. This proves Zeeland means business when it comes to its economy.


The Impuls advisors are specialized in supporting businesses in numerous ways, in order to give them maximum opportunities to do what they do best. Visit the Impuls-website for more information.

Invest in Holland 

Invest in Zeeland is an initiative of Impuls that focusses on supporting (foreign) businesses that would like to establish a business in Zeeland. Invest in Zeeland is a member of the Invest in Holland-network as well. This ensures you to get the best possible support when establishing your business in the Netherlands.