Reliable, sustainable and affordable location for data centers in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands is one of the most advanced markets for data center operations in Europe. In fact, about one third of all European data centers are located in the Netherlands. Considered to be one of the most wired countries in the world, the Netherlands is a top contender when it comes to numbers of internet connections and also has the fastest connection speeds in Europe.  

This benefits both companies and consumers; indeed, the very high number of households with a broadband connection in the Netherlands is pretty unique in the world. What’s more, the highly competitive Dutch telecommunications network is 100% digital and ranks among the world’s best in terms of quality, speed and reliability.

Data centers in Zeeland

Should you opt for Zeeland as a location for data center operations, you will benefit from a high speed internet connection through a redundant fiber-optic network, from an internet provider of your choice.  In fact, Zeeland’s ideal location allows you to take advantage of AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), the world’s leading internet exchange, and the proximity of the Antwerp Internet Exchange.

Plus, Zeeland provides highly reliable, sustainable and affordable options for data center energy needs; from power production to cooling. Due to Zeeland’s mild climate and robust renewable energy cluster, a wide variety of energy sources is available ranging from nuclear energy to wind, solar and tidal energy.

As there is a plentiful supply of water in Zeeland, data centers can significantly reduce energy consumption by cooling with (sea) water. This very reliable and proven technology is used, for example, by The Green Bay

The Netherlands, including Zeeland, also has direct links to North America, with 11 out of 15 transatlantic sea cables going directly to the Netherlands (and even one to Zeeland).