Your home to European success

Strategically located at the center of Europe’s largest markets, the Netherlands has established itself as a magnet for international companies and a leading site for European and/or regional headquarters. 

Headquarters in Zeeland

Companies in Zeeland have a central location in the Benelux or Northwest Europe. For example,The DOW Chemical Company chose Terneuzen in Zeeland as a location for its Benelux headquarters, Zeelandia the manufacturer of baking ingredients, has its headquarters in Zierikzee, as does the e-commerce giant O’ModaRoompot Vakanties and OOS International (Overdulve Offshore Services) also have their headquarters in Zeeland. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 leader or a small to mid-sized company, Zeeland is a smart choice to locate international headquarters.

How you benefit

Companies benefit from all the advantages the Netherlands has to offer, such as a supportive corporate tax structure, a highly-educated, multilingual workforce and a superior logistics and technology infrastructure. 

Plus, the specific Zeeland benefits include the availability of affordable office locations, the central location between Rotterdam and Antwerp's international ports, its own large deep-sea port and strong clusters of companies in the sectors of the chemical and process industry, agrifood and offshore, for which a whole range of facilities are available. 

In short, Zeeland offers companies a perfect climate in which to set up a successful European headquarters.