Netherlands top-notch manufacturing location

Anyone looking to establish their manufacturing operations in Europe, need look no further. Zeeland prides itself on holding one of the strongest positions as a manufacturing location in the Netherlands.

From agrifood to chemicals, offshore wind and maritime industry and IT. In fact, many national and international companies in a wide range of industries have already elected to establish their manufacturing operations in Zeeland. Well-known examples are Eastman, Yara, Damen Shipyards and Lamb Weston / Meijer. 


One of the many advantages here is the availability of practically trained staff, often trained specifically for the strong sectors in Zeeland. One only has to think of engineers, process operators, technicians and project managers.

Supply chain

As well as the supply chain that includes suppliers and (logistics) service providers in a value chain that is often specialized in the strong sectors in Zeeland. Naturally, all this makes Zeeland a very attractive location for the manufacturing industry. 

Standardization procedures

To make things even easier for (foreign) investors and companies to establish their manufacturing operations in the Netherlands, the Dutch government, in collaboration with the EU, is committed to intensifying standardization procedures. Add to that a transparent and supportive corporate tax structure, superior logistics, distribution and communications infrastructure and proximity to some of Europe’s largest markets. It is easy to understand why so many successful companies go for a manufacturing location in Zeeland.