Your ideal location for a European Shared Service Center

The Netherlands’ strategic location, highly developed telecommunications and transportation infrastructure and the Dutch international, service-oriented culture provide an ideal environment to establish or consolidate a shared service center (SSC) in Europe.

Service Center Dow in Zeeland

Indeed, this is exactly why Dow Chemical Company chose to establish its Business Process Services Center (BPSC) in Terneuzen in Zeeland. With over 600 skilled employees representing more than 50 different languages and nationalities from all over the world. The team supports Dow and joint ventures in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India in a wide range of sectors, such as logistics, customer service, finance, human resources, translations and so much more. 


Ranked as the most multilingual country in Europe by Eurobarometer, the Netherlands is home to a diverse, skilled, dynamic and productive workforce. Plus, Holland’s cultural amenities, relatively low cost of living and fiscal incentives, including the 30% ruling, make it easy to attract skilled expatriates to your Shared Service Center. 


The unrivalled digital infrastructure enables any company to effectively serve their customers around the world. These factors, in addition to Holland’s competitive tax structure, facilitate improved efficiencies and lower costs with savings from 15% to 40% compared to other countries. 

That’s exactly why so many companies have chosen to establish their service-based operations here, often in conjunction with headquarter, logistic or manufacturing facilities.