Europe’s largest Startup Ecosystem

The Netherlands is internationally renowned for its open culture and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that it is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem. In fact, according to the European Digital Forum’s 2016 Startup Nation Scoreboard the Netherlands even ranks No. 1 in the European Union for its startup business climate. 

The presence of an unrivaled digital infrastructure, highly educated and multilingual workforce and open business culture all provide an attractive and supportive test market for new businesses. The fact that Holland is ranked No. 5 on the 2016 European Innovation Scoreboard is an added advantage.

Zeelands' innovation hub Dockwize

The Netherlands is home to more than 10 leading innovation hubs where startups benefit from incubators and R&D facilities. In Zeeland Dockwize offers startups office locations, a comprehensive network, entrepreneurial programs, coaching, facilities, finance and publicity.

Financing for innovative starters

Startups often find it difficult to obtain financing. Zeeland offers several funds that focus on financing innovations. The Dutch government offers subsidies for R&D and innovation as well. This makes us one of the most interesting locations for startups in Europe. 

International startups

As of 2015  a new regulation makes it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs outside the European Union to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. This “start-up visa” affords ambitious entrepreneurs one year in which to launch an innovative business.  A prerequisite is that this start-up must be guided by an experienced mentor based in the Netherlands. After one year, the start-up entrepreneur may extend the duration of the residence permit on the basis of the Dutch government’s self-employment scheme.  
The Dutch government also offers subsidies for R&D and innovation, thus making the Netherlands one of the best locations in Europe for startups.