Invest in Zeeland visits Expo Real in Munich

From 7-9 October, Invest in Zeeland will be visiting Expo Real in Munich for the annual real estate trade fair. 

Why Expo Real is interesting for Invest in Zeeland

The real estate parties, builders and developers who are present at this exhibition are important contacts for Invest in Zeeland. After all, they are often in contact with companies that may be looking for a new location or expansion location in the Netherlands.

Invest in Zeeland will attend the trade fair to talk to this important network, make new contacts and show them what Zeeland has to offer and of course to ultimately bring new investments to Zeeland.

Get in touch with us at Expo Real in Munich

Will you also be present at Expo Real in Munich and are you interested in the possibilities in Zeeland? We would be happy to provide you with all the information you need. Please contact us via 0900-330 3300 or info@investinzeeland.com