Invest in Zeeland visits Realty the Belgian real estate summit

Invest in Zeeland will be visiting the real estate summit Realty in Knokke-Heist from 19- 20h  September 2019. The event offers space to a few exhibitors, but mainly revolves around the structured maintenance and expansion of the real estate network of around 3000 developers, investors, cities and direct suppliers.

Invest in Zeeland wants to show  these real estate professionals why Zeeland is an attractive location region for businesses and what opportunities doing business in the Netherlands can offer Belgian companies.

Space in business parks

There is plenty of room for new developments both in the Zeeland business parks and in the ports. The fact that they border on Flanders makes them an attractive alternative to Belgian industrial sites. For example, the Zeeland-Flemish Canal Zone is an excellent alternative to that of Ghent, entrepreneurs from Maldegem can also easily relocate to Eede and Hulst is just a stone's throw from Antwerp.

Lower costs than in Flanders

  • The integral costs of business accommodation are relatively low in Zeeland, certainly in comparison with the larger cities in the surrounding regions, such as Antwerp, Ghent and Knokke.
  • Moreover, the municipal liabilities and labor costs are relatively low.
  • Depending on the job and education level, the wage and premium costs in the Netherlands are lower than in Belgium.
  • Furthermore, establishing a business in Zeeland also generates tax benefits.

Quickly and easily accessible

Doing business in Zeeland offers Belgian entrepreneurs opportunities. Belgium is quickly and easily accessible from Zeeland. From Zeeland Flanders you can quickly access the N49 Motorway and via the renewed A4 motorway, Antwerp is just a 20-minute drive from the Welgelegen business park on Tholen.
In addition, the area is strategically located between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, and it also has a strong port area with the ports of North Sea Port in Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

The region is easily accessible for both seagoing and inland vessels via the Westerschelde and has high-quality connections for inland shipping such as the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal. Moreover, for goods transport, a railway track runs to Belgium and northern France through the Zeeland-Flanders Canal Zone.

Simplify cross-border work

The Flemish and Dutch governments work closely together to promote and simplify cross-border cooperation. Consequently, for entrepreneurs it is as easy to do business from the Netherlands as it is from Belgium.

Invest in Zeeland

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