Invest in Zeeland visits Seafood Expo Global in Brussels

Aquaculture is an important and strong sector for the Zeeland economy. That is why Invest in Zeeland will be visiting the international Seafood Expo Global / Seafood Processing Global exhibition, which will be held from 7-9th May 2019 in Brussels.

Biggest seafood trade fair in the world

This is the world's largest ‘seafood’ trade fair. There are more than 1940 exhibitors from 78 countries and more than 29,000 buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood professionals from 152 countries visit the exhibition. It is a unique opportunity to meet the global network, to promote and do business.

Invest in Zeeland will be visiting the fair to maintain and expand its network in this sector, while at the same time putting Zeeland on the map as a top location for aquaculture.

Zeeland strong in aquaculture

Because the global demand for seafood is increasing, while the supply of fish, crustaceans and shellfish from wild harvest is stagnating, what we need is a more controlled production, or aquaculture, to meet the increasing demand for seafood.

Zeeland has a long tradition when it comes to salt water aquaculture. Its location in a delta area with sea water always close by, makes it a perfect location for the breeding of fish and crustaceans. Many Zeeland entrepreneurs are at the forefront of growing algae, algae, worms, lobster and fish. Often in a sustainable and innovative way.

Why Kingfish Zeeland chose Zeeland

There is room for both regional and international companies to take advantage of these favorable conditions. Together they strengthen the sector even more in Zeeland, so that it remains future-proof and competitive.

Originally from Israel, Kingfish Zeeland seized this opportunity to grow fish on land in  Zeeland. Click here to find out why the company chose to do this. 

Get in touch with us at the Seafood Expo Global

Rogier van der Torren will be visiting the trade fair on behalf of Invest in Zeeland. Would you like to make an appointment to meet him and explore the possibilities for your seafood company in Zeeland? Simply click here for an appointment with him.