The Netherlands is second only to the U.S. for agrifood exports worldwide. In Zeeland too, the agrifood sector plays a vital role in the economy. In fact, the companies in this sector are estimated to represent 1.7 billion euro production value, 800 million euro added value and 15% of all employment opportunities in Zeeland. 

Zeeland is the largest arable farming province in the Netherlands with three quarters of the land being used for food production. Nowhere in Europe is there a location where the water reaches so far inland and where this is already being put to maximum use for the fishing industry, crustacean and shellfish-farming and aquaculture. Many large (international) companies like Kloosterboer, Cargill, McCain and Lamb Weston / Meijer have already located to Zeeland. Not only for production, but also for the many possibilities Zeeland offers for the processing, packaging, storage and transshipment and transport of agrifood products.

Zeeland is also a smart choice to locate an agrifood company — whether it’s a European headquarters, a shared services center, a customer care center, a distribution and logistics operation, or an R&D facility.

5 reasons why Zeeland is the hotspot for agrifood:

  • Strategic location
  • Strongly represented food logistics 
  • Center for (sustainable) aquaculture in the Netherlands
  • The largest agricultural province in the Netherlands
  • Combining know-how and strengths