Why Zeeland is the hotspot for chemical and process industries:

One of the largest chemical clusters in Northwestern Europe

Zeeland has one of the largest chemical clusters in Northwestern Europe. The Canal zone situated between Gent and Terneuzen is home to a large number of chemical companies including world players Dow Chemical Company, Yara and Arkema. The fact that the Dow Benelux branch in Terneuzen is the largest production facility outside the US is for good reason.

Petrochemical industry

Zeeland is also one of the leading regions within the petrochemical industry for the production and transfer of fertilizer with companies such as Rosier and Plantacote.

Why Zeeland 

The main reason for the strong representation of the chemical industry in Zeeland is its superior infrastructure. This comprises roads, (freight) railways and waterways, as well as telecommunications, a highly reliable energy supply and an underground pipeline network.  Another important factor is the presence of one of the most important ports in the Netherlands - Zeeland Seaports. The fact that companies can directly access a quay from where they transport goods via inland shipping or the North Sea is a huge advantage.

Strong cluster

It is beneficial for companies to be part of a strong cluster of companies as it allows them to use existing facilities, service providers, knowledge and education that provide them with skilled labor. Added to this, the presence of other similar successful companies shows that the location is a good breeding ground for business enterprise in this sector.