Why Zeeland is the hotspot for chemical and process industries:

Maintenance Valuepark: ideal location for maintenance companies in the process industry

The Maintenance Valuepark (MVP) focuses on developing, accessing and distributing knowledge and services relating to maintenance services in the process industry. The MVP is strategically located, east of the Westerschelde tunnel and a mere stone's throw from Dow Benelux in Terneuzen. This means it is centrally located in the largest chemical cluster in Western Europe situated in the Dutch-Flemish Delta. The MVP comprises the Knowledge and Innovation Center (KI <), the Learning Work Environment (LWO) and a business park.

Centre of excellence

The business park is in fact a center of excellence for maintenance services and services geared to the process industry. Clustering not only generates a cost advantage, but is also an important boost for innovation. 

The focus is mainly on creating new network connections between contractors, engineering companies, the process industry and knowledge institutes. The cooperation focuses on innovation, training and knowledge sharing.


With a large chemical and process industry cluster and the proximity of several large wind farms at sea, maintenance is of crucial importance for Zeeland. Increasingly, maintenance work in the process industry is outsourced or carried out in combination with a fixed group of specialized maintenance companies.

Consequently, over time an increasing number of service providers have located permanently on the major chemical and petrochemical complexes of their customers. For instance, about 25 maintenance companies are active every day at the site of Dow Benelux in Terneuzen. Many of these providers have their own offices, workshops, transport vehicles and support facilities. The maintenance parks have gradually grown together with local factories and usually comprise temporary buildings.

However, this typical practice of locating maintenance companies in the business areas of companies in the process industry has a negative effect in the form of limited knowledge sharing, development and growth. Which explains why the Maintenance Valuepark Terneuzen (MVP) was developed. 

The Maintenance Valuepark is supported by the Provincie Zeeland and NV Economische Impuls Zeeland (Impuls).