Why Zeeland is the hotspot for chemical and process industries:

The Valuepark Terneuzen is the ideal location for chemical production and distribution

The Valuepark Terneuzen in a nutshell:

  • Superior location
  • Synergy between maintenance and logistics
  • Benefit from the facilities of the neighboring company Dow Benelux

he Valuepark is the ideal location for chemical production and distribution. The business park covers an area of 140 hectares and is aimed at companies with a clear added value for the chemical industry. Currently, there are about 80 ha available on site, with the possibility of co-location. The park is situated next to Biopark Terneuzen, which promotes and facilitates the exploitation of important synergies between companies in the same geographic area.


This is the perfect base for companies looking to enter the European market or to expand their position on this market. Located at the mouth of the Western Scheldt, between the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Terneuzen offers chemical producers and distributors cost-effective facilities.


The Valuepark’s favorable location is attractive for businesses and is directly connected to major markets and suppliers via road, rail, inland waterways and seaports. In fact, Valuepark Terneuzen has all the requisite facilities to become a major European hub for the chemicals industry and offers great opportunities for partnerships. The park is also connected to the adjacent Dow Benelux through a pipeline network.


In the meantime the park is already home to several storage and transshipment companies such as Vos Logistics and Katoen Natie. Other companies like Oil Tanking have also located to Valuepark, where Bertschi operates a rail terminal. 


Valuepark Terneuzen is een joint venture between North Sea Port and chemical company Dow Benelux