The Netherlands has the largest concentration of logistic service providers in Europe. Indeed, it lies at the very heart of Europe's largest consumer market (nearly 500 million inhabitants), in proximity to major cities such as London, Paris and Brussels, and is only a few steps away from other major markets such as Germany, France and Great Britain.

Thanks to Zeeland's strategic location between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the congestion-free hinterland connections via water, road and rail, one can access this European consumer market relatively quickly.

Large chemical companies, agro food and the offshore sector all depend on the proper supply and distribution of raw materials and products. The cross-border port of Zeeland is not only one of the Netherlands' main ports, but is one of the largest in Europe as well. It also creates extra commodity flows in the region.

All these assets make Zeeland a smart choice for logistics companies looking to open a new distribution center or expand their business.

4 reasons why Zeeland is the hotspot for logistics:

  • Distinctive in different logistics operations
  • Large investments in infrastructure  
  • Accessible industrial estates focus on logistics
  • One of the most important ports in the Netherlands