Smart Delta Resources

Smart Delta Resources (SDR) is an initiative of eleven energy and raw material intensive companies in the Delta region (Zeeland, West Brabant and Flanders) who are looking to reduce their energy and raw material consumption by way of industrial symbiosis. Through SDR, companies from the chemical, steel, energy and food industries work together to establish industrial connections and develop them into interesting business cases. Although industrial symbiosis between the various sectors in the region has economic optimization as a starting point, it also contributes to the sustainability of their processes. This cooperation contributes to the rural objectives for sustainable economic development, the reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO₂ and a decrease in the consumption of fossil fuels.

The platform is actively supported by the Province of Zeeland and North Sea Port. NV Economische Impuls Zeeland acts as a platform facilitator.

5 reasons why Zeeland is the hotspot for industrial symbiosis

  • Cost-effective in the long term
  • Lower emissions of CO2
  • Strategic location
  • Company initiative
  • Symbiosis 4 Growth