Mon, 03/23/2020 - 10:01

The coronavirus and entrepreneurship: guidelines

One moment you have a thriving business, and the next everything comes to a standstill because of the Corona (Covid-19) outbreak. This page contains detailed information about COVID-19 related matters for companies and freelancers in the Netherlands. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Up-to-date information about the Coronavirus in the Netherlands



  • Corona Desk: have you not been able to find the answer to your question? Please contact our Corona desk
  • VNO-NCW Zeeland: special webpage (in Dutch) with an up-to-date overview of measures for entrepreneurs and a ‘supply and demand’ page: linking entrepreneurs who are suddenly faced with shortages or surpluses.
  • I have to go digital: Entrepreneurs can contact the startup hub Dockwize for practical questions about the accelerated digitization of business operations and activities via  
  • The Zeeland municipalities: Try to take unanimous measures as much as possible and keep entrepreneurs informed. For example, the municipalities of Middelburg, Schouwen-Duiveland, Veere and Vlissingen give entrepreneurs the opportunity to postpone their tax assessments.

Impuls Zeeland and Invest in Zeeland continue to provide services

Additionally, Invest in Zeeland and our mother company Impuls Zeeland continues to provide its usual services to entrepreneurs in an amended form:

  • Discussions with companies about problems and needs in the field of entrepreneurship in Zeeland in both the short and long term.
  • Impuls Zeeland is discussing possibilities for support with companies that make use of their forms of financing, such as the Zeeuws Participatiefonds (Zeeland Participation Fund) and InnoGo !, which have been affected by the Corona crisis. For example, by postponing repayment and / or interest for a number of months.
  • Conferences and meetings have been postponed until further notice or are continued digitally in consultation.
  • Entrepreneurs requiring financing can apply for a voucher from Impuls Zeeland in the next three months, in which part of the costs of hiring a (financial) adviser will be reimbursed. As a rule vouchers from Zeeland Financial Matching are only used for innovative companies, but this requirement will lapse in the coming months. For more information: (in Dutch). 
  • All Impuls Zeeland employees will work from home until further notice and do not attend physical meetings. The Impuls Zeeland office location is closed.

Behind the scenes at the Corona desk, Impuls Zeeland is working closely with the Province of Zeeland, the Vereniging Zeeuwse Gemeenten (Zeeland Municipalities Association) and VNO-NCW Zeeland to help Zeeland entrepreneurs during the Corona outbreak. To answer all your questions we use our broad Zeeland and national network, including the Chamber of Commerce, banks, accountants and other business service providers, ministries and the Invest in Holland network.