Tue, 05/15/2018 - 11:49

Everything about the Zeeland offshore wind market at www.energyportzeeland.nl

The Energy Port Zeeland platform brings together partnerships in the Zeeland offshore wind market. Professionals from education, government and business meet, exchange ideas and jointly develop initiatives around the growing Zeeland offshore wind sector. As from today the platform also has a website.

Energy Port Zeeland platform

The Energy Port Zeeland platform has been active for some time. More than 200 organizations are now involved in the platform, including the core partners  Scalda, Province of Zeeland, Regional development agency Impuls Zeeland, Centre of Expertise Water & Energy HZ University of Applied Sciences and North Sea Port. By regularly coming together, this generates setting up promising initiatives to further develop the offshore market. On the website www.energyportzeeland.nl you can find the latest news, and events and initiatives that originate from the platform are shared.

Invest in Zeeland is also a partner of Energy Port Zeeland. View our profile here

Business development, employment and promotion

On the platform, stakeholders can help each other, strengthen each other and exchange knowledge with the aim of generating (more) business around the arrival of the offshore wind farms Borssele I, II, III, IV and V. This not only offers opportunities in the field of business development, but also in the area of creating more employment opportunities and developing training that seamlessly connects to practice. Moreover, we put our province of Zeeland firmly on the map. The Zeeland region has an impressive track record when it comes to offshore business.