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The Green Bay buys land to build huge green data centre in Zeeland

The Green Bay is developing one of the largest green data centres in Europe, in the North Sea Port area in the municipality of Borssele in Zeeland.  

On 18 January 2019, North Sea Port and The Green Bay signed a contract for the sale of four hectares of land. This plot will provide The Green Bay with enough space to build a 32 MW data centre. The municipality of Borssele issued the provisional permit for the construction of the data centre on the Liechtensteinweg in December 2018.

Future expansion at the Flushing Service Park

The Green Bay has also taken out an option on the adjacent plot to accommodate future expansion. For North Sea Port, this is the first land sold in ‘Flushing Service Park’, the recently built, 27-hectare business park in Vlissingen and Borssele.

Ondersteuning bij vestigen in Zeeland

Invest in Zeeland, together with other partners, has been supporting The Green Bay in setting up the company in Zeeland since 2017.

" The Green Bay has developed the data center in collaboration with several renowned partners: the Royal Haskoning DHV engineering firm, ASK Romein construction company, Delta (network), Huawei (DC equipment) and NIBC as financial advisor. The plans have been warmly received by the province of Zeeland and the municipality of Borsele. The choice for this location came about through intensive cooperation with Invest in Zeeland. "

Read the 2018 press release, when The Green Bay announced its plans for a data centre in Zeeland.

Reliable, energy-efficient and sustainable

At this location, The Green Bay will have access to excellent facilities such as a direct connection to TenneT's high-voltage sectioning points and a water-cooling system, which will be built specifically for the data centre and will utilise recycled waste water. These facilities will make the data centre not only highly reliable, but extremely energy-efficient and sustainable as well. The energy will be supplied by the Zeeland wind farms, solar parks and the offshore wind farms in the area.

Unique in the Netherlands: battery back-up instead of diesel genarators

Thanks to the reliability of this redundant energy supply, The Green Bay will have no need for polluting diesel generators as a back-up: instead, it will rely on a battery-powered back-up. This facility will be shared with the energy supplier, who deploys the battery-powered back-up in order to balance the energy network. Such cooperation is unique in the Netherlands.

Among the most energy-efficient data centres in Europe

The Green Bay's data centre will have an area of 30,000 m2 and offer 32 MW of IT capacity. With its extremely low power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.1, The Green Bay centre will also be among the most energy-efficient data centres in Europe. 

Check out the factsheet for this " TIER IV compliant mega Datacenter in Zeeland "

Energy network Zeeland more realiable than Amsterdam

The location in Zeeland features fast fibre optic cable connections to the coastal conurbation, making it a highly attractive alternative to Amsterdam – where most of the Netherlands’ data centres are found, but where the energy network is significantly less reliable than that in Zeeland.

This is just one of the adventages for The Green Bay in Zeeland, read about other adventages on their corporate website

Start construction datacenter

The total cost for the construction of the data centre will be 130 million euros. The Green Bay will make an announcement regarding the start of construction in the near future.


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