Sun, 01/04/2015 - 15:16

HZ University of Applied Sciences to invest millions in higher education in Zeeland 

Higher education in Zeeland will get an enormous boost thanks to the investment of millions in buildings and courses of HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ). The HZ will start using branches in Middelburg and possibly Goes. Aside from that, the educational programme will be modernised and supplemented with more practice-oriented education.

Investment of millions

With this investment, the HZ contributes to the socio-economic future of Zeeland. Our higher education deserves to be taken to an even higher level, says director Adri de Buck to Omroep Zeeland.

This is what the HZ plans to do the following years:

  • Main location in Vlissingen will be refurbished
    Some parts will be torn down; some parts will be newly built. The new buildings will house a study and research laboratory.
  • Delta Academy will move to Middelburg where it will grow
    As of 1 September 2017 the Delta Academy will move from Vlissingen to Middelburg. The new location will house Water and Delta Management, Civil Engineering and Aquatic Ecotechnology. It will also facilitate practice-oriented education. The Delta Academy will start with 450 students in Middelburg. Within five years, this number should increase to 1200. Not just with students from Zeeland and the Netherlands, but also students from far beyond.
    The Delta Academy will cooperate with governmental bodies such as the Water Board, with companies and various other educational institutes, such as University College Roosevelt, but also the Technical University of Delft and the University of Utrecht.
  • De Ruyter Academy will move to Boulevard Vlissingen
    From September 2017 onwards, De Ruyter Academy students will be taught at the Boulevard in Vlissingen. They will be trained there to become Naval Officers, or be taught Energy and Process Technology, International Maintenance Management and Logistics Engineering.
  • Sports and Movement Education will partly move to Goes
    There are serious plans to have Sports and Movement Education students move completely to Goes for the first two years of their studies from September 2016 onwards. The idea is that the students will use the facilities of Omnium (swimming pool) and CIOS (Middle Sports School), but negotiations have not finished yet. The students now commute to Vlissingen for their theoretical courses.

Source: HZ University of Applied Sciences, Omroep Zeeland