Tue, 05/12/2020 - 12:50

Phased exit-strategy coronavirus in the Netherlands 

"From Monday 11 May we can allow one another a little more freedom, while keeping coronavirus under control. But it will be more important than ever to observe the main basic rules such as washing your hands, staying 1,5 metres away from other people and working at home if possible", according to the government of the Netherlands. 

The Dutch government starts by relaxing restrictions by reopening primary schools and childcare, allowing some forms of sports and play and allowing most people in contact-based jobs to perform their jobs again. Slowly but surely bringing most parts of the economy back online. Going forward cafés and restaurant will open, as will cinemas, and cultural institution, though subject to certain conditions

  • Read  more about the exit-strategy in the Netherlands at Government.nl
  • Get the latest information by the Dutch Government if your business in the Netherlands is impacted by COVID-19 at the Invest in Holland-website: investinholland.com
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