Expanding my company in Zeeland

More than 1% of all companies in the Netherlands are a foreign branch. These companies account for 16% of all jobs in the Netherlands (almost 1 million jobs) and more than a quarter of the total added value of the commercial sector. In short, foreign investors make an important contribution to the Dutch economy. For this reason, the Dutch government is keen to maintain international companies already established here and encourages them to expand further in the Netherlands.

Are you planning to make an expansion investment in your company in Zeeland? In collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, which is a part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a special Investor Relations Program has been developed to support you. The aim of this program is to help you succeed and grow without obstacles in Zeeland. Here's what we can do for you:


The IR program helps your company find talent in Zeeland or beyond. Should you wish to attract international employees, we can help by making them feel as welcome as possible in the Netherlands, for example by helping with visa applications and work permits, offering advice on cultural differences and connecting them with international schools.


The IR program can introduce you to Dutch authorities at a national, regional and local level. But also to business service providers such as lawyers and consultants and to all sorts of local, regional and national networks that may be relevant to your business.


Through the IR program we are able to offer support should you decide to make new investments and enter into new projects in Zeeland. For example, by helping you to apply for grants.

Promoting your interests

As we are a partner of both the commercial sector and government bodies, we can easily put forward your vision and concerns about the business climate as input for policy makers.


The IR program offers you access to numerous national and regional events held each year. From seminars and conferences to networking drinks, dinners and personal talks with government representatives, for example.


Our IR program can pave the way for you in the large network of public-private partnerships in the Netherlands. This is useful when you want to get the most out of certain R & D incentives. Plus, we bring together education, government and business companies thus providing support for everything from research assignments to finding talent.


The IR program can make a valuable contribution to your business cases for expansion or international activities in the Netherlands. We can provide you with tools and input for creating a benchmark for cost and location, for example. Or help you to attract talent and promote your presence in the Netherlands and so strengthen your brand image.

Benefit from knowledge and contacts at regional and national level

Invest in Zeeland works in close collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA, link) and in the Invest in Holland network (link). Consequently, you benefit from our knowledge and contacts at both a regional and national level, free of charge and on a confidential basis. This can involve anything from establishing your business in Zeeland to finding talent and the introduction to public-private partnerships.

Personal support by specialists

We provide you with information that applies specifically to your situation. This can range from business locations that might interest you to the application of Dutch legislation to your situation and the tax system. We do this during personal talks and custom-made fact finding trips, in which one of the sector specialists of Invest in Zeeland or the NFIA also contributes relevant ideas. In short, we offer concrete solutions that facilitate the establishment of your company in the Netherlands.