Market research

When you are deciding on the right location for your business, your choice depends on a variety of different factors. Of course, each location has its pros and cons but unfortunately, the importance of the business location to a company's success is often underestimated. Any decision you make about choosing a certain location should be well-informed, so there are several questions you need to ask. Which location is most beneficial when it comes to labor costs and taxes? Which region has the best accessibility for my business? Where are the relevant laws and regulations managed properly and most efficiently?


In collaboration with the NFIA, we do tailor-made benchmark surveys comparing the competitiveness of different cities or countries in different areas. This way it becomes clear what the most strategic location for your business is.

Target group

To enter a new market successfully, it is also important to know if your target group is adequately represented in the region. In other words, is my sales market big enough at this location? We have knowledge of the current Zeeland market and can therefore provide insight into the opportunities that are available for your company.

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