Setting up my company in Zeeland

Of course we understand that making a new investment involves a great deal of careful consideration. It requires good preparation and courage to take the step of opening a place of business at a new location. As everything is just slightly different from what you are used to, it can prove useful to have someone who shows you the ropes, supports your plans and provides you with contacts. Invest in Zeeland will be happy to assist you in establishing or expanding your business in Zeeland.

Benefit from knowledge and contacts at regional and national level

Invest in Zeeland works in close collaboration with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA, link) and with the Invest in Holland network (link). Consequently, you benefit from our knowledge and contacts at both a regional and national level, free of charge and on a confidential basis. This can involve anything from establishing your business in Zeeland to finding talent and the introduction to public-private partnerships.

Support already begins in country of origin

The NFIA has offices in all parts of the world, which enables us to already support you from your country of origin. Together we arrange fact finding trips and introductions with relevant partners. Plus, we provide personal support and advice in the fields of taxation, licensing procedures, potential business locations and labor-law issues.

Personal support by specialists

We provide you with information that applies specifically to your situation. This can range from business locations that might interest you, to the application of Dutch legislation to your situation and the tax system. We do this during personal talks and custom-made fact finding trips, in which one of the sector specialists of Invest in Zeeland or the NFIA also contributes relevant ideas. In short, we offer concrete solutions that facilitate the establishment of your company in the Netherlands.

Discussion partner of the business world and government

What makes Invest in Zeeland and NFIA so special is that we are a discussion partner of both the business world and government. This allows us to introduce matters to the political agenda, and so continually optimize the settlement climate for companies like yours. We ensure that your experience with our business climate is in the right hands and can serve as input for future policies.