In 2017 the Danish wind farm builder Ørsted opted for a base in North Sea Port's Vlissingen harbor for the construction and maintenance of the Borssele 1 and 2 wind farms.

Why Ørsted chose Zeeland

Ørsted explained its choice for Vlissingen at the time as follows:

“North Sea Port has an excellent infrastructure in Vlissingen and a lot of experience in the field of offshore wind energy. Offshore wind offers Zeeland many economic opportunities. Ørsted is happy to be part of that and we look forward to working with both local and regional partners."

During the construction of the offshore wind farms, the location in Vlissingen serves as a coordination center. The construction, transport of technicians and all other logistics are managed in Vlissingen. The location will be a sustainable building full of solar panels that generates more electricity than it uses. There will also be piers for a maximum of four maintenance vessels.

Steven Engels - directeur Ørsted Nederland


“Ørsted is constructing the Borssele 1 + 2 offshore wind farm off the coast of Zeeland. We believe that cooperation in and with the region is extremely important. Building and maintaining good relationships is essential to successfully realizing projects.

In every region where we become active, we are committed to good cooperation with the local community, so that it also benefits. We were welcomed with open arms in Zeeland. That was very nice and an added reason for establishing our maintenance base for Borssele 1 + 2 in Vlissingen. We would like to remain active in Zeeland during the coming decades.

The maintenance of Borssele 1 + 2 alone will provide 100 to 200 jobs directly and indirectly for the next 30 years. In Vlissingen, 50-100 colleagues are going to work for Borssele 1 + 2."

Steven Engels, Director Ørsted the Netherlands