Favorable cost structure and funding options

Zeeland is located in one of Europe's most populated areas and close to world-class ports. Companies that have opted to locate in Zeeland have benefited from their proximity as well as the favorable cost structure and financing opportunities in Zeeland.

Relatively low costs

The total costs of establishing (or expanding) a business in Zeeland are generally relatively low. This has to do with land prices and lower labor costs. Plus, costs relating to traffic and transportation are often favorable as there is virtually no congestion and a wide range of modalities to choose from.

Short lines

Moreover, the lines are short. Contacts with regional and local authorities are quickly made, as well as with other companies. This means that it is generally possible for quick action to be taken. Which also saves time and money.

Close-knit network of companies

Apart from this, there is also a close-knit network, and many companies interact with each other, often supported by governments and knowledge institutions, but also by business with other organizations, knowledge institutions and governments. Good examples are Energy Port Zeeland and Smart Delta Resources. Together, they strengthen the Zeeland economy, work together to make a joint stand and benefit from each other's knowledge and skills, all of which is economically advantageous.

High added value companies

Finally, what makes a significant contribution to the favorable cost structure is the people in Zeeland, your potential employees. Nowhere in the Netherlands is the added value per person higher than in Zeeland. Plus, Zeeland employees are loyal to their employer and the labor turnover is low. This means that knowledge and experience is maintained within the company and that relatively fewer investments need to be made in attracting and training new staff.

Funding options

In Zeeland there are various funding programs that you can benefit from, ranging from regional to national and European options. In Zeeland, expertise in the field of schemes focused on the Zeeland region is sponsored by the regional development company NV Economic Impuls Zeeland (Impuls), of which Invest in Zeeland is also a part. Within Impuls there is a special department which deals with funding mediation between entrepreneurs and potential financiers. In addition, they provide support in consolidating your plans.

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