Stable economy

In terms of area and population, the Netherlands is not what you would call a large country and is ranked in 134th and 65th places in the world. However, this is in stark contrast to the economy. In fact, the Netherlands is the 17th largest economy in the world and is even in 6th place in the European Union! Read more about the Dutch economy.

If we take a closer look at Zeeland’s regional economy, we see that it is extremely stable and rarely experiences deep drops or extreme peaks. Obviously, this very good news for any entrepreneur, as he knows where he stands and can make plans.

An important aspect here is the mindset of the vast majority of Zeeland's commercial sector, which could be described as sober, hardworking and generally focused on the long term. Many concerns are family companies or companies that are deep-rooted in Zeeland, which makes them less sensitive to trends (although in no way does this mean they don’t move with the times).

The business sector also takes the initiative when it comes to the further development and promotion of the region, often in collaboration with governments and knowledge institutes. For example, through initiatives such as Smart Delta Resources, the Zeeland Port Promotion Council and Energy Port Zeeland.

The Zeeland government is benevolent towards business companies and actively promotes the Zeeland economy, for example through the regional development company NV Economic Impulse Zeeland of which Invest in Zeeland is a part.

What is more, the central government has promised to invest 25 million euros in the Zeeland economy in a sustainable manner. The ‘Zeeland in Stroomversnelling' investment program is committed to strengthening the economic clusters in Zeeland, closer cooperation between government, education and industry as well as with other regions and the Government.