High quality of life

When you decide to work and do business abroad, an important factor for both you and your employees is a good quality of life. Of course, the lack of traffic congestion, the affordable living space, the presence of some of the best schools in the country (including HZ University of Applied Sciences and University College Roosevelt) and the beautiful natural surroundings all make Zeeland a very attractive location to live and work in. But there is more. Indeed, CBS has even rated the inhabitants of Zeeland the happiest people in the Netherlands. Which is perhaps why they are such good employees!

Living on the coast

There is something very special about living on the coast, which might explain why so many people dream of a life by the sea. In fact, according to British researchers, life on the coast is healthier than living further inland. Strange as it may seem, there is something about the coast that makes you want to be physically active, whether it's on or in the water with water sports like surfing, scuba diving and sailing, or simply by the water and through vast polder landscapes. Indeed, Zeeland is the setting for the most strenuous marathon in the Netherlands - the coastal marathon - and is also very popular with cyclists.

Healthy and happy

It is said that water contains substances that are good for physical and mental health and the salty air is also rich in elements that reduce stress. For this reason, in 2014 the Zeeland seaside resorts of Domburg and Cadzand-Bad were officially declared seaside resorts by the strict Deutscher Heilbäderverband and European Spas Association.


Zeeland has a surprising number of Michelin-star restaurants. The Zeeland chefs are enthusiastic when it comes to cooking with high quality regional products such as lamb, fish, mussels, oysters, cockles, sea bass and seaweed, all fresh and harvested locally. Indeed, people come from far and wide to sample our regional products. And not all of them are tourists. Zeeland is a perfect venue in every way for a meeting and an invitation to your business relations to visit Zeeland will definitely go down well.


The Zeeland landscape is a source of inspiration for many artists and offers a beautiful setting for a wide variety of festivals and events such as Film by the Sea, the Zeeland Nazomerfestival/ Autumn Festival and Concert at Sea. The various museums, galleries, archives, architecture and non-material heritage tell us the story of Zeeland both in the past and the present, from shipping history in the time of the VOC to Mondriaan’s paintings.


All these assets make Zeeland very attractive to live, work, study and do business in. It is also a popular destination for tours, with more than 10 million overnight stays a year.