Innovative partnerships

The fact that together you achieve more than if you are on your own, has been well substantiated by the many innovative partnerships in Zeeland and the Delta region. Good examples of this are the successful Smart Delta Resources, Energy Port Zeeland, Zeeland Connect, Food Delta Zeeland and Campus Zeeland.

These partnerships always welcome new members, thus giving you the opportunity to join and take advantage of the benefits they can offer to your business.

Cooperation through industrial symbiosis

Within the successful SDR platform, raw material and material-intensive companies from the Delta, Chemical, Food, Energy and Steel industries work together to strengthen their international competitiveness, while at the same time complying with their climate commitments. They do so through industrial symbiosis. Various concrete business cases producing demonstrable results have already been developed. Read more about this unique SDR partnership.

Cooperation in the offshore wind-sector

There are plans to build large wind farms off the Zeeland coast and the surrounding waters over the coming years. Indeed, the direct location in deep waters gives offshore companies in the ports of Zeeland Seaports a head start. Plus, it is not only the construction of such parks that offers opportunities, once completed these wind farms will then require maintenance work.

To maximize the benefits of these promising developments, companies active in the offshore industry in Zeeland have joined forces in the Energy Port Zeeland platform. And this has produced results! Consortiums responsible for the construction of the Borsele I-IV parks are extremely satisfied with the level of cooperation and professionalism they experience in Zeeland, and the Government has rewarded the sector with an investment of 2 million euros! 

Cooperation in the logistics sector

The logistics sector in Zeeland is well developed. This is hardly surprising when you take into account the central location and the truly excellent facilities. Nevertheless, the sector is always working towards further optimization. Business, education and government work together in Zeeland Connect to boost the competitiveness of the Zeeland logistics sector.

Zeeland Connect inspires, initiates and facilitates - independently- promising projects and innovations, through cooperation between entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments. Apart from this, Zeeland Connect also holds network meetings in the region, acquires knowledge from national networks and shares it with its stakeholders in the region.

Cooperation in the agrifood sector

A large proportion of the companies active in the Zeeland agrifood sector are affiliated with FoodDelta Zeeland, which aims at promoting growth in the production, processing, trade and consumption of food products. The thread running through all this is innovative capability, added value and sustainability.

Through smart connections, cooperation and an area-oriented and / or sector-overarching approach, shared interests are served and individual business goals can also be achieved better and faster.

Cross-sectoral cooperation within Campus Zeeland

Companies from various sectors in Zeeland work together with knowledge institutes and government within the Campus Zeeland platform. Their aim is to boost Zeeland's innovative power and ensure a future-proof economy in which young, well-educated betas strengthen the commercial sector.

Read more about Campus Zeeland on the page ‘Available talent’