Available talent

Access to talent, also known as the 'war on talent', is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Indeed, and as we all know, attracting the right talent is key if you want to run a successful business. In Zeeland, businesses, knowledge institutes and government all work together to meet the demand for well-trained staff.

The labor market in the Netherlands

In the period 1990-2015, the percentage of workers in the Netherlands increased by 35% in number of persons and 23% in working years. This strong growth in employment is mainly due to the implementation of structural economic reforms. Moreover, the relative stability of the labor market - there are relatively few strikes in the Netherlands - can also be attributed to the favorable business climate. The significant increase in employment opportunities also means that in the Netherlands a large section, a much larger than in other OECD countries and Euro countries, of the potential labor force has a job.

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Campus Zeeland

Campus Zeeland is a partnership of companies, knowledge and research institutes and governments in Zeeland, and has been set up to meet the demand for well-educated employees whose qualifications are compatible with the major sectors in Zeeland. By joining forces they strengthen the link between education and the commercial sector thus boosting Zeeland's innovative power, and ensure a future-proof economy in which young, well-educated betas support the business sector.

Nowadays education is available everywhere. Which is why distinctive and excellent educational qualifications are becoming ever more important. Indeed, Zeeland is investing strongly in this. Knowledge is an important motor in the continuing development of a strong and vigorous region and Zeeland is only too aware of the importance of investing in education that is geared to strengthening the Province. Consequently, Campus Zeeland focuses on those sectors who owe their origins and advantages to the water surrounding Zeeland, namely port & logistics, energy & water, agriculture & food, and care and tourism.

In concrete terms, Campus Zeeland is working on three main themes: Education & Research, Beta College and Knowledge & Innovation Networks.

University education

The prestigious University College Roosevelt (UCR) in Middelburg annually educates some 600 students with a broad bachelor program in the Liberal Arts and Sciences that prepares them for masters programs around the world. The UCR is very involved in the Zeeland community and works in various ways together with the commercial sector, government and other educational institutions, also via Campus Zeeland. UCR is a part of Utrecht University.

Because Zeeland is located in the Delta region, with university cities such as Ghent, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Tilburg situated close by, there are many opportunities for academically trained staff and research assignments. As physical distance need not play a significant role, there is also intensive collaboration with, for example, Wageningen University (WUR) in the field of aquaculture at Imares in Yerseke, and in the field of biobased chains and biobased asphalt.

The HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ), offers personal, small-scale, full-time and part-time education to some 4800 students. Practical education plays a key role in the program. As a knowledge institute in the region, the HZ has a close ties with and cooperates with the work field for education, research and innovation. From practical assignments to internships, from lectures to the Smart Service Boulevard, there are countless ways in which the HZ cooperates with regional businesses, governments and knowledge institutes, both within and outside Zeeland.

Practice-oriented education: Scalda

Scalda provides secondary vocational education and adult education in Zeeland. Students are able to follow specialist courses at subject-oriented colleges such as the Maritime and Logistics College De Ruyter. In compiling the range of training courses on offer there is close coordination with the regional market. For instance, to meet the demands of the offshore and maintenance industries, Scalda has developed the ‘Offshore Wind Technician’ training course.

Innovation hub Dockwize

Dockwize is a breeding ground for innovative techno and creative startups. At Dockwize entrepreneurs can start their businesses and continue with its further growth and development under guidance and coaching in which cooperation and an exchange of knowledge is stimulated. The Dockwize team also connects entrepreneurs with businesses, intermediaries and knowledge institutes by way of an extensive network.

These entrepreneurs can be individual (re) starters, but also experienced people from business or educational institutes. They are involved in marketing products, processes or services based on new technical innovation or in the setting up and growth of their creative business.