• Zeeland is a multi-modal logistical hub

  • Tourism and industrial activity go hand in hand in Zeeland

  • The ports and industry are the driving force for the Zeeland economy

  • Zeeland is a breeding ground for innovation

Why you should invest in Zeeland

Zeeland is a good place for doing business. Many companies have found their way to this region on account of its favourable economic climate, relatively low costs for companies, transparant, reliable and business friendly authorities, a competitive  fiscal climate, flexible labour regulations, good connections with the hinterland via non-congested roads, water and railway, the no-nonsense attitude of the workforce and the favourable living-and-working conditions. 

Zeeland is

  • Strategically located
  • Strong economy
  • Third largest port of the Netherlands
  • Congestion-free hinterland connections
  • Room for development
  • Favourable cost structure
  • Partnerships

Largest sectors

  • 15,11% Healthcare
  • 13,60% Ports and industry
  • 11,10% Retail and trades
  • 9,30% Business and private service industry


  • x 382.000 Total population
  • x 189.000 Workforce
  • x 26% Highly educated
  • x 30% Technically skilled


  • 140,000 Tons
  • 600,000 Tons
  • 33,000,000 Tons
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