The logistics sector is very important for the Zeeland economy. The strategic location of Zeeland between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the congestion free hinterland connections by road and rail makes that a large part of the European consumer market can be reached in a relatively short time. 


The large chemical companies, Agri & Food and Marine & Offshore industry can not operate without a good supply and transport of raw materials and products. Zeeland Seaports, the third largest seaport of Holland, are providing additional cargo flows in the region. Zeeland is strong in various logistics activities:



  • Onions: in terms of volume, onions are the largest Dutch agricultural export product. Over 80% of this is exported through Zeeland to over 120 countries worldwide.
  • Potatoes: besides onions, potatoes are very important for exports in Zeeland.
  • Seafood: important European logistics hub for seafood  
  • (fruit)juices: Zeeland Seaports is the largest port of the Netherlands regarding storage and transfer of conventional fruit

Dedicated terminals for food

Kloosterboer VlissingenZZColdstores



The strong offshore cluster that the Zeeland port has built up through the years offers numerous synergetic advantages. Just take the wealth of experience among logistics service providers when it comes to the storage and handling of different types of large objects, or the specialist knowledge on assembling parts. It is not for nothing that this year the twentieth wind farm was delivered from the Zeeland port.


Dedicated terminals for offshore

Bow TerminalVerbrugge Terminals B.V.Mammoet



Heerema Fabrication GroupDamen Shiprepair and ConversionVDS


Process industry

More than 250 logistics and industrial businesses together form the Zeeland ports. What spearheads Zeeland Seaports is the idea that companies can benefit from each other’s strengths as much as possible. One way in which this occurs is through the formation of clusters. ValueparkTerneuzen, a successful cluster of companies in the chemical industry, has already been a good example of this for ten years. Valuepark Terneuzen offers a Strategic Location with easy access for suppliers of feedstock and for customers with short links to the main markets. Valuepark Terneuzen has an Excellent Logistic infrastructure with multimodal transport facilities – train, water, pipeline, road – which are essential for efficient up-stream and down-stream transportation of feedstock and products. This also includes different product handling facilities.