Zeeland has a close connection to water. The province mainly consists of water and it has many waterways. It makes sense for maritime companies, port infrastructure companies and service industries to pick Zeeland as their home port.


Delta Technology and Water Technology

As a result of centuries of fighting the sea, Zeeland has acquired substantial knowledge and experience in the field of delta technology. This includes hydraulic engineering, water management and energy generation from water.Water technology is another strong point: this sector deals with the availability of fresh water or the processing of waste water.


Laboratory for New Technology

Additionally, the region is particularly suited as a laboratory for new technology. This will bring new businesses and know-how to Zeeland. Interested parties like to see what goes on in the Getijdencentrale Brouwersdam (Tidal Centre Brouwersdam) and the Grevelingen Tidal Test Centre, for instance. 


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