Borsele: municipality of contrasts

Borsele: the facts and figures

The municipality of Borsele consists of fifteen villages. The largest ones are Heinkenszand and ´s-Gravenpolder. This municipality combines two opposites: part of it is country side, part of it is a large-scale industrial and port area: the Sloegebied (Sloe Area). 


 Population: 22,636 persons 

Area: 194.52 km2 (52.8 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 160 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 9,700 persons 

Average per capita income: € 30.100

Industrial estates: 5

Number of Companies: 2,472

Largest sectors:

1. Business and private service industry

2. Agro

3. Building industry


Borsele is situated in the centre of Zeeland. Both the A58 motorway and the road to the Westerschelde Tunnel intersect the municipality.

Business Activity

There is large-scale economic activity in the industrial Sloe Area. Businesses that are known all over the world such as the nuclear power station and the Total Refinery have set up their branches here. Zeeland Seaports is making a case for a container terminal in this port. This will open the door to transfers from container to container. Furthermore, many SME’s are based in Borsele.

Industrial areas

Noordzak (Heinkenszand)

Type of industrial estate: mixed

Location: Central between Goes and Vlissingen, immediately adjacent to the A58 motorway.

Available land: About 2.5 hectare net on the estate, including a strip of land intended as a living-and-working zone.

Environmental category: 3.2 at the most


The Sloe area

The seaport and industrial Sloe area is located west of the village of Borsele. It measures approximately 2,200 hectares. It includes basic and offshore industries, oil refining, power generation and storage and handling of among others fruit, metal, wood and ore.

The Sloe area is managed by Zeeland Seaports

Other Industrial Estates in the Municipality:

  • Industrial estate ´s-Gravenpolder
  • Industrial estate Sloepoort


These estates do not have any lots available for new commercial activities. 


More information?

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Source: OndernemerspleinCBS

Last update: 20-10-2016