Goes: central position

Industrial estates


Type of business estate: mixed

Location: south of the railway line

Available land: 3,000 m2

Environmental category: not applicable 

De Poel

Type of industrial estate: mixed, consisting of de Poel I, II and III. To be expanded in the future up to de Poel V.

Location: The industrial estate de Poel II is divided up in five zones: Etalage (adjacent to the A58), Nansensbaan, Singel, living and working zone and other business plots in de Poel II.

Available land: only in de Poel II

Environmental category: 3.0 at the most

Goes: central position

The municipality of Goes is situated right in the centre of Zeeland and consists of the city of Goes, eight villages and eleven hamlets. Due to its central position, Goes has had a centre function for centuries, with many companies, schools, health care facilities and culture. 


Population: 36,983persons 

Area: 101.92km2 ( 9.24 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 398 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 16,700 persons

Average per capita income: €29,600

Industrial estates: 2

Number of Companies: 4413


Largest sectors:

1. Business and private service industry

2. Retail and trades

3. Building industry


Goes lies at a crossroad. Both the A58 motorway and the access roads to the Westerschelde Tunnel and the Zeelandbrug (Zeeland Bridge) pass through the municipality. The city is intersected by a railway for freight and passenger transport by train. Furthermore, the city is connected to the Oosterschelde River by the canal Goes-Goese Sas. 

Business Activity

Goes unites the old and the new: on the one hand there is the monumental city centre, on the other hand there are the industrial estates, offices and a furnishing centre.  Goes is surrounded by industrial estates which can be seen from the A58 motorway. The companies on the estates attract customers from the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium. Important to the economy of Goes are the local shopkeepers, tourism, agriculture and facilities in the fields of healthcare, education, culture and sports. 

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Source: OndernemerspleinCBSgemeente Goesgoesisgoes.nl/ondernemen

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Last update: 20-10-2016