Sluis: tourism driving force of the economy

Industrial areas

Stampershoek Oostburg

Type of industrial estate: local and regional

Location: Oostburg, central in the Western Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region, close to the N58 road.

Available land: 28,000 m2

Environmental category: 3.1 at the most


Type of industrial estate: port-related, industry, wholesale, services, assembly

Location: Breskens, close to the bypass and the commercial harbor where sea vessels are being loaded and unloaded. A good locations for fishing and marina related activities.

Available land: 6,000 m2, expansion of 71,000 m2

Environmental category: 5 at the most

De Vlaschaard

Type of industrial estate: industrial estate for logistics, distribution, trade and production

Location: Eede, 5 minutes from the Antwerpen-Knokke bypass. 

Available land: 18,000 m2

Environmental category: 3 at the most

Techno Park Zeeland

Type of industrial estate: industrial estate for technological development, production and education

Location: Schoondijke

Available land: 34,000 m2

Environmental category: 3.2 at the most


Industrial Estate Nieuwvliet

Type of industrial estate: tourism and leisure

Location: Nieuwvliet, near the coast

Available land: /

Environmental category: /

Stampershoek Oostburg
Stampershoek Oostburg

Sluis: facts and figures

The municipality of Sluis has seventeen villages. The number of inhabitants in this municipality increases significantly every year by the millions of tourists who come to visit the fortified town of Sluis, the seaside resorts Cadzand-Bad and Breskens, and the nature reserves and the spacious polders.

Population: 28,820 persons 

Area: 308.4 km2 (26.74 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 85 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 10,800 persons 

Average per capita income: €27,800

Industrial estates: 6

Number of Companies: 3,425

Largest companies:

1.Business and private service industry


3.Retail and trades


The municipality of Sluis is easily accessible via the Westerschelde Tunnel and the east-west link. Moreover, Belgium is just around the corner. Companies in the vicinity of Ghent and Bruges like to have a branch right across the border where companies still have ample room and can set up shop against relatively low costs.


Business Activity

Tourism is the driving force behind the region´s economy. In addition, the municipality has a few thematic industrial estates: Deltahoek in Breskens, which focuses on fishing and marina-related commercial activities, and Techno Park Zeeland, which is designated for technological development, production and education. Furthermore, the municipality has a few large-scale transport companies and the trading port in Breskens for loading and unloading coasters. 

Bedrijventerrein Eede

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Last update: 20-10-2016