Terneuzen: industry and facilities

Industrial estates

Terneuzen Zuid

There are several interesting developments going on at this industrial area. There is, for example, currently construction going on. The leisure center with Skidome, the Bio Base Europe training centre and several businesses are already located in Terneuzen Zuid.  


Type of industrial estate: regular industrial estate

Location: Sluiskil, immediately adjacent to the N61/N62 with a connection to the Tractaatweg in the direction of Ghent. 

The large-scale port-related industry is around the corner and keeps on expanding. In addition there is a lot of maintenance, logistics and biobased industry in the area, where innovation, sustainability and collaboration are important. 

Available land: 122,000 m2, plots of 1500 m2 up to a maximum of 91.870 m2

Environmental category: 2  up to 4.2

Handelspoort Zuid

Handelspoort Zuid is specially developed for service providers. For example businesses in electronic equipment or computers, medical and chemical instruments, wholesalers and rental companies. There is room for relatively eco-friendly production as well.  


Type of industrial estate: high-quality industrial estate

Location: Terneuzen

Available land: 43,320 m2, plots of 1800 m2 up to a maximum of 20,745 m2

Environmental category: 3.1 at the most

'Wet land' Industrial Estates

The ports of Terneuzen and Vlissingen are the third-largest port of the Netherlands. There are several locations available for businesses. These are issued and managed by port authority Zeeland Seaports

Axelse vlakte

Available land: Quay-based lots

Your advantage: fully multimodal accessibility, for example through the 855 metre long quay at the Autrichehaven. This part of the port provides access to ships with a draught of 12.5 metres.

Maintanance Valuepark Terneuzen 

Available land: chemical production and distribution

Your advantage: the vicinity of extensive petrochemical facilities of Dow Benelux and the expertise of port authority Zeeland Seaports concerning the infrastructure and the regional economical developments. The Valuepark is a joint venture of Zeeland Seaports and chemical concern Dow Benelux.


Further information about available land in the ports of Zeeland Seaports: www.zeelanseaports.com


Other 'dry land' Industrial Estates in the Municipality:

  • Business area Zaamslag
  • Drieschouwen-Zuid Axel
  • Vaartwijk Axel 
  • Noordpolder Axel
  • Handelspoort/Haarmanweg Terneuzen 
  • Sasse Poort Sas van Gent
  • Stroodorpe Sluiskil
  • Achterweg Biervliet

Why Outokumpu wants Terneuzen as business location

Efficient transport of stainless steel is essential. For large quantities, transport through the water is the only option. Therefore, the location on the canal Ghent-Terneuzen is extremely important. Because in addition to the water connection there is also a direct train and good (traffic free) road transport connections available, the facility in Westdorpe is an excellent location for supplying Western Europe. Transport of the finished product to the customer takes place via trucks, ships, trains, containers and intermodal (combined rail and road transport). Collaboration with numerous partners, logistics (transport companies, shipping companies, container companies) is therefore essential. - Outokompu 

Terneuzen: facts and figures

Terneuzen is the largest municipality of Zeeland. It consists of the city of Terneuzen and thirteen small towns, villages and hamlets. It is situated in the centre of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen and is therefore an important centre in the region. Many companies are established there, as well as facilities, such as a hospital.

Population: 54,709 persons 

Area: 317.8 km2 (67.11 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 218 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 24,500 persons 

Average per capita income: €29,000

Industrial estates: 10

Number of Companies: 4,918

Largest sectors:
1. Industry

2. Healthcare

3. Business and private service industry


The municipal boundary reaches from the Westerschelde to Flanders, with the Canal Zone Ghent-Terneuzen as bustling commercial centre of the municipality. The Westerschelde-tunnel provides a good connection with the rest of Zeeland and with the A58 motorway in the direction of the Randstad. Large investments are made into the accessibility and traffic flow of the Canal Zone is heavily invested in. The Sluiskiltunnel (expected to be completed by 2015) is contributes in this respect. For shipping traffic there are direct connections with international waterways. Furthermore, a freight-train railway runs through the Canal Zone in the direction of Ghent and there is a pipeline route for transport underground.

Business Activity

The port areas of Terneuzen and Vlissingen together form the third main-port of the Netherlands. in the Canal Zone, big companies in the fields of chemistry, transport and paper for instance, have their seat as well as a large number of suppliers and transport companies. In addition there is a training centre for green energy, a Biobased Cluster and a Maintenance Valuepark.


Biopark Terneuzen
Locks Terneuzen

More information?

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 Last update: 20-10-2016