Industrial Estate Welgelegen Tholen

Industrial areas

Type of industrial estate: mixed

Location: Tholen

Available land: 107.000 m², of which 27.000 m² scale retail and 80.000 m² regular ground

Milieucategorie: max 3.2 for scale retail, max 4.1 op regular ground

Why Van Trier chose Hulst for its business location

"It was settled in no time. Tholen is a paradise for entrepreneurs" - Hans van Trier, owner of Van Trier Europe 

Other Industrial Estates in the Municipality:

  • Industrial estate Slabbecoorn
  • Industrial estate Tholen-Noord
  • Industrial estate  St. Maartensdijk
  • Industrial estate Oud-Vossemeer
  • Industrial estate Poortvliet
  • Industrial estate Scherpenisse
  • Industrial estate Sint-Philipsland
  • Industrial estate Veilingweg (Sint-Annaland)


These estates do not have any lots available for new commercial activities. 

Tholen: facts and figures

Tholen is surrounded by water, is vast and green and has a tight-knit community. Not only does Tholen offer lots of good business opportunities, it is a very attractive place to live and work.

Population: 25,408 persons 

Area: 254.4 km2 (106.6 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 174 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 10,700 persons 

Average per capita income: €28,200

Industrial estates: 10

Number of Companies: 2,636


Largest sectors:

1. Business and private service industry

2. Agro

3. Building industry


The municipality may be surrounded by water, but it has good connections with the hinterland. Tholen borders on the province of Noord-Brabant and Antwerp is around the corner. The Oesterdam forms a good connection with the A58 motorway; the Philipsdam provides access to Schouwen-Duivenland and the Randstad.

Business Activity

Tholen is an agricultural area of old. The principal crops are: wheat, sugar beets, early potatoes and onions. In addition, the cultivation of flower seeds is of vital importance. Companies in Tholen are for the most part innovative and work in a sustainable way, and they work well together. Other important sectors in Tholen are trade, repair and industrial activity. The food and luxury foods industry is well represented.