Veere: coastal recreation

Industrial estates


Type of industrial estate: mixed

Location: Koudekerke

Available land: diverse

Environmental category: 3.2 at the most for large-scale retail trade; 4.1 at the most on standard plots

Other Industrial Estates in the Municipality:

  • De Zompe (Serooskerke)
  • Oosterloo (Domburg)
  • Rapenburgweg (Meliskerke)
  • Zuidweg (Aagtekerke)

 These estates do not have any lots available for new commercial activities. 

Veere: facts and figures

The municipality of Veere lies on the peninsula of Walcheren and consists of thirteen villages and fourteen hamlets. The former work island Neeltje Jans, part of the Oosterscheldekering  Oosterschelde Barrier, also belongs to the municipal territory.

Population: 21,868 persons 

Area: 206.63 km2 (73.5 km2 of which is water)

Population density: 165 inhabitants per km2

Workforce: 7,800 persons

Average per capita income: €29,200

Industrial estates: 5

Number of Companies: 2,888

Largest sectors:

1. Business and private service industry 

2. Hotel and catering industry, sports and recreation 

3. Agro


The N58, N287 and the N288 form a quick ring road along the outer borders of Walcheren. These roads provide good access to the A58 motorway and the N57 in the direction of Schouwen-Duiveland.


Business Activity

The municipality of Veere is primarily focused on coastal recreation. It has dozens of hotels, hundreds of camping sites and thousands of holiday homes. The seaside villages lie on the North Sea coast and the Westerschelde river and attract tourists the whole year through. Domburg holds a  Seaside Health Resort Status.

The municipality of Veere has a number of industrial estates with a local focus. The central area is mainly used for agriculture.

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Source: OndernemerspleinCBSMunicipality of Veere

Last update: 20-10-2016